Minute Number 167 – Questions from the Public.


Q1) Katie Walker – Do you have any response from Mr Hammerton regarding the Leisure Village – another deadline has gone and we have heard nothing from him? Are you going to give him the extension to the lease in 2019?


A1) Councillor Steady replied that he had spoken to Mr Hammerton who had given assurances, but as of today he has not received anything. The council will be discussing this in ‘Part B’ as it is commercially sensitive, and he will be contacting the residents within the next week to arrange a meeting to get clarification on some issues.


Q2) Richard Price – Thank you to the two Councillors who attended the Councillor Surgery and also handy now there is a County Council Surgery. Look forward to meeting you all.


Q3) Lynda Teichler on behalf of Maria Wilby – Brightlingsea Refugee Support Network – Tendring District Council have committed to playing their part in the Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme set up by the current Government which plans to take in 20,000 Syrians during their tenure in office. Brightlingsea would be a safe and friendly community into which such families could settle. Tendring have no current plans to set up a support system to make the transition for the new families or community easier and this could undoubtedly place strain on existing services even though the new families will come with Home Office funding. We believe that our active and strong Refugee Support Network can make the transition easier and that Brightlingsea can offer 3 families a new home. We are already in contact with all relevant services and teams and plan to work with them professionally so that any new families are not put under the spotlight but have a chance to be welcomed quietly and with dignity. Will the Town Council show their support by informing Tendring that they will be pleased to accept three families and make this friendly and welcoming community proud of its leaders?


A3) Councillor Steady asked for clarity on whether or not the properties were private properties. Lynda Teichler replied that that is what has happened in Colchester. The Mayor asked if they had any properties in mind. Lynda Teichler replied that she did not know, as she was speaking on behalf of Maria Wilby, who was unable to attend the meeting due to family illness. Councillor Barry then proposed that the Council has an agreement in principle, subject to the practicalities, and that the councillor with special responsibility has a meeting with the Brightlingsea Refugee Support Network Group to clarify the details, and then come back and report to the next meeting. Seconded by Councillor Russell. Agreed. The Mayor stated that as it was her MSR she will await for Maria Wilby to get in touch to arrange the meeting.


Q4) Brightlingsea Resident – Item 15 the Town Clerks report item 14 – states that various roads are to be closed including Church Road, Brightlingsea. Are we are going to be cut off and what plans are in place?


A5) The Town Clerk stated that the work is from the junction with Maltings Road, north west, then north east to a point of approximately 700 metres north east of its junction with Moverons Lane. Discussions took place previously with Councillor Blanche and Anglian Water, and they are relaying water pipes.   The Mayor replied that there will probably be traffic lights, as they are not allowed to cut the town off.

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