Minute 10 – Questions from the Public.

Q1) Mr Martyn Blagden spoke about the planning application for 7 houses on the old allotment site in Edward/George Avenue, and asked for support from the Council to return the land to allotment.  He mentioned that local residents had raised over £1,500, the comments at TDC closes on the 26th May and is there anything the residents can do to help?

Councillors J Russell and V Chapman both declared a personal interest in this subject.

Q2) Mr Richard Price thanked Councillor Steady for keeping him informed on the Bayard Recreation Ground proposals and asked that if all clubs have the same opportunity have you got the reserves to put the plan forward – what are your reserves?

A1) The Mayor replied that BTC Planning Committee had recommended refusal for this application, and it is now going to TDC where it has also been recommended for refusal.

A2) The Council has received no request from any other club in the Town.  All schemes would be subject to approval from the council and they would have to be schemes to improve our facilities at no cost to the rate payer.