Q1)      Mr Cook had provided a written letter in advance of the meeting. The Mayor read out the letter:

“I would like to make an observation and comment about the disgusting and dangerous condition of Moveron’s Lane – especially the part coming off the Brightlingsea Road and along the side of the Church graveyard entrance. The 2 days my wife and I walked this way, it had been raining quite heavily – making it more apparent how large these pot-holes (craters) were. It cannot be pleasant of very acceptable for the people who live and require access to their homes … it’s certainly not good for walkers … and more importantly for access for funeral vehicles and mourner’s etc. to the graveyard.

Could not Brett Aggregate be approached and requested to assist or repair (as surely they would have all the materials and plant to be able to repair the damage) or fund the urgently needed repairs to the road, because the amount of their heavy vehicles has to be a major factor of the appalling road condition. Also would this not make some atonement for the desecration of the woods and destruction of the many trees a couple of years ago when they extended their quarry?

I hope this suggestion doesn’t make me seem foolish – maybe the idea has been thought of before, but it does make me angry to see areas of our town look like a war-zone.”

A1)      The Mayor replied that Brett Aggregates did fill in some holes but were told by Essex County Council that they would then be responsible if any accident occurred. Councillor Yallop mentioned that the Post Office would not be delivering down Moverons Lane anymore until the pot holes have been fixed.


Q2)      Mike Andre – Would like an update on the position of the drainage down Back Waterside Lane.

A2)      Councillor Edey replied that she did walk down and inspect the problem, and is currently trying to find out who the new owner is of the farm.


Q3)      Mike Andre – I understand the Horizon bus service is pulling out due to Hedingham’s. Stevensons of Rochford are a good bus company, who are providing a lot of services in Colchester.

A3)      Councillor Aldridge replied that Horizon is finishing in Brightlingsea on the 20th December and Hedingham are changing their timetable on the 18th December. Rumour is that we will be back to one bus service an hour.


Q4)      Mike Andre – There is a lot of Japanese Knot Weed on the Brightlingsea Road on the bend near Gatehouse Farm on the left hand side.

A4)      Councillor Yallop mentioned that Japanese Knot Weed has a lot of regulations attached to it. Councillor Edey replied that the Grounds Manager knows the regulations and will arrange for the Knot Weed to be reported to him.


Q5)      Richard Price – Is there an update on the bollards at Thorrington?

A5)      The Mayor replied that the Police have the Bollards in hand.


Q6)      Richard Price – Is the 10 year contract with Ringway Jacobs watertight. A lot of their work is not up to standard, and does not appear to be value for money.

A6)      Councillor Aldridge endorsed Mr Price’s comments, the pot holes which were filled in on election day are already half out. Councillor Goggin mentioned the pot holes in Moverons Lane and that he has been advised they will be fixed in the next 5 days. He also said that he would enquire with Essex County Council about the Ringway Jacobs contract.

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