Minute Number 64 – Questions from the Public.


Q1) Joyce House thanked the Councillors and the Member with Special Responsibility for the Western Promenade for the recently installed steps at Splash Point. Councillor V Chapman replied that they are temporary at the moment to see how people like them, and hopefully they will become a permanent fixture in the future.


Q2) Mark Hibbon – This is the 1st Council meeting I have attended. As a new comer, I have lived in Brightlingsea for 3 years. The flowers etc. look fantastic, a lot of effort goes into making the displays look so good. However, I am concerned about the amount of rubbish and litter on the ground. There is a lot of rubbish in New Street, bottom of Colne Road through to the High Street. When does the Street Cleaning get done? In the narrow streets with cars being parked, how can they clean the roads of rubbish? Also, the footpath that runs through Duke Street and Nelson Street is totally overgrown and full of dog faeces. There is also a shed/garage, which is broken and held together with string. Can I have Councils response to these comments?


A2) The Mayor thanked Mr Hibbon for his comments regarding the flowers, and said that these comments would be passed onto Brightlingsea in Bloom. Regarding rubbish, the street cleaning is the responsibility of Tendring District Council. Councillor Russell reported that one of their road sweepers had been broken recently. The Mayor stated that the overgrown footpath would be reported to Essex County Council for clearing. Councillor Steady stated that he is trying to arrange a meeting in September for all interested parties to discuss the footpaths in the town.


Q3) Jenny Beaumont – What assurance can BTC give the occupants of Brightlingsea Leisure Village for continuance of the lease from 2019, either by Mr Hammerton or some other lease holder to give some security of tenure, particularly to those who are council tax payers?


A3) The Mayor replied as follows: Mr Hammerton has a lease on the Caravan Park and it is for him to give this assurance. He is perfectly at liberty to grant each occupant a lease now giving them such rights to remain, as are consistent with the rights he is expecting to be granted by BTC. BTC has been pro-active in trying to accommodate these very valid concerns. BTC has offered Mr Hammerton a new lease early, subject to his granting early sub-leases with each caravan giving them the security they desire and agreeing the rent for the site with BTC. Mr Hammerton has so far declined to participate in this initiative.


Councillor Steady reported that Pamela Miller had called into the Councillor Surgery to discuss the Leisure Village. He had spoken to a Ward Member of St Osyth who reported that a report being drawn up at the moment by Tendring District Council officers, and is still waiting to be published. Once a copy is available, he will let Pamela know.


Q4) Mr Cook – I agree with Mr Hibbon, whilst out dog walking past Pawsons Playground, Skate Park – there is litter everywhere.


A4) The Mayor replied that our men clean the Promenade on a daily basis, and this takes them over 1 hour a day to clear up.


Q5) Richard Price – Have contacted Essex County Council regarding the proposed waste site at Morses Lane. He thanked Councillor Steady for his information given at the recent Councillor Surgery. He wanted to ask County Councillor Goggin “Is there any progress on the Waste Management Proposal and what is your position on this proposal”. The Mayor read out the letter the Town Council sent to Essex County Council.



Q6) Julia Taylor – Would like to report that two lorries are not able to pass each other just past the level crossing at Thorrington. With the increased traffic from Eastern Waste Disposal, and the roads narrowing at the bottom of Church Hill – this is an accident waiting to happen. Should we not be carrying out a traffic survey? My husband and I would be happy to help to identify what traffic is using our roads, coming in and out of Brightlingsea.


A6) The Mayor thanked Mrs Taylor for offering to carry out this survey and felt this would be good evidence for the next consultation period for the Waste Management proposal.


Q7) Tony Chapman – Would like to comment on Councillor Blocks comment re private security firms. Would the Council think it is worthwhile to contact the Business Association to canvas its members and anyone in the town affected by crime to help with the cost.


A7) Councillor Block replied yes, this was a good idea.


Q8) Pamela Miller – What is the standard waiting time for a question asked at a Councillor Surgery – July’s surgery?


A8) The Mayor replied that answers are given as quickly as we can and we will look into this.

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