Minute Number 043 – Questions from the Public.

Q1) Richard Price stated that the original Waste Plan idea came from an European Directive. He then mentioned that there have been many crime issues, with vehicles being stolen off peoples drive ways. There is a big problem with crime in the town. County Councillor Goggin has, in the past, spoken about a plate recognition camera, we need everyone in the council to reunite about this crime. As a council can you ask County Councillor Goggin about the installation of the camera. We will soon have armed robberies with firearms, and could have a terrorist attack.

A1) The Mayor replied that a meeting was held with the Police Inspector a couple of months ago, he is not against an ANPR camera but would like one placed at Thorrington Cross, so it could catch those coming/going from Clacton/Colchester and into Brightlingsea. He stated that the Council will keep pushing it. Councillor V Chapman mentioned that at a meeting held last evening, Sargent Simon Anslow stated he is trying to push forward the idea of Specials, who have more powers that PCSO’s. Mr Price stated that the Police force cannot recruit Specials. The Mayor replied that the Police and Crime Commissioner pushed this idea, as did the council, but there was a nil response. Councillor J Chapman said that she recently had a meeting with Sargent Deexs, and on the radio this morning they announced that they have 30% less police officers, and the recruitment for Specials has failed. They are now trying to get funding again to start recruiting. She also mentioned that two people were arrested last Thursday, from the Chelmsford area, who they believe are responsible for some of the car thefts.