Minute Number 043 – Questions from the Public.

Q1 – Pauline Lawrence asked if there was any news on her letter to Planning at Tendring District Council?  Cllr Goggin replied that he did not know, he just took the copy letter into the office.

Q2 – David Cook spoke about Councillor Aldridge’s MSR report and the new Hedingham 87 service.  He also asked about where to get bus passes from.
A2 – Councillor Aldridge stated that this new service starts on the 26th August.  It is run by Go Ahead buses, under the name of Hedingham.  Both Hedingham and Cedrics will be running the same route, and will be the same price.  The new service will not be doing full yearly permits at the moment, but if you contact Go Ahead they will be able to sort something out.

Q3 – Mr Price thanked Councillor V Chapman for finding out the information he requested on the toilets. He also spoke about the position of the County Council regards rate payers complaints.  He asked where the area office is going for this district and where as a rate payer do we go. 

A3 – The Mayor stated that the Council would write to the Leader of Essex County Council and ask him to come down and attend a meeting with Councillors to discuss these and other issues.