Minute Number 162 – Questions from the Public.

Q1) Richard Price – Councillor Aldridge has answered my question on street lighting in her MSR report, however are Essex County Council Highways going out to a preferred bidder in the next 18 months?

Police –There is currently no sergeant here, has Frazer moved on?  The Neighbourhood policing team in Tiptree – their sergeant is based in Colchester.  What is the long term future of our police officers?

A1) Councillor J Chapman replied that Frazer has left but not through choice. The new Sergeant starts on the 27th March.  Our community policeman Dave Willis is moving to Colchester, but there is a new Community Policeman to take over.   The Police are meant to move into the Fire Station in March but the builders will not be finished until April.  We will have more police working out of Brightlingsea than we do have now.  The PCSO’s have been told that they will be here for another 2 years.

Q2) Peter Halliday – Item13 on the Agenda and the report from Councillor Steady.  This report is not a factual report and I would like to put some facts to the meeting on the last paragraph. 
As I am the Finance Portfolio Holder mentioned I would like the meeting to understand that I did make myself available but the chairman did not want me to attend.  I was prepared to answer any questions in person but again refused by the chairman.  I reiterate I did make myself available for that meeting.  After the meeting any questions that were not answered I personally telephoned the people concerned to discuss further.  Would Councillor Steady confirm to the meeting that I did try to attend in person, and did enter into a telephone conversation with him after that meeting.

A2) Councillor Steady replied that this was correct and he was going to add this to his report.