Minute Number 125 – Questions from the Public.

Q1) Tony Chapman – As the Town Council is due to go to an election for a new Councillor, and the finance minutes state that the poll cards will cost £2,660, do you know how much the whole election will cost?

A1) Councillor Ian Block replied that the election is going to cost around £5,000.00.


Q2) Sue Cook on behalf of Richard Price – when the police are no longer responsible for anti social behaviour, what will happen – who will deal with it?

A2) Councillor Yallop replied that she had attended a Community and Leadership Partnership meeting at Tendring District Council, where Leanne Thornton stated that they are teaching the school children, some go on courses to show the outcome of anti social behaviour. Sue Cook replied that if you are a victim and want to report it, who do you report it to? The Mayor replied you still phone the police on 101.


Q3) Colin Olivier – As the Town Council is having a Bye-Election, and are also in the process of co-opting two councillors, can you outline the process and procedure of what role the individual councillors will be playing? Also the defeated candidate should be asked if they wish to be co-opted.

A3) The Mayor replied that the defeated candidate can only be interviewed for co-option if they have declared an interest in co-option. The only rule for co-option is that the decision must a majority decision of the Town Council. Colin Olivier asked will all Councillors be invited to attend the interviews. The Mayor replied yes.


Q4) Mike Skerritt – Are there any plans for residents parking in Eastern Road, Western Road and York Road?

A4) The Mayor replied no, we as a Town Council have not heard anything.


Q5) Mr Cook – Tendring District Council are now cutting back the supply of black bags which we pay for. They are taking money from us.

A5) The Mayor replied that they are beginning to hit front line services. Councillor Steady stated that this decision is going to Cabinet tomorrow.


Q6) David Stone – Can we install weight restrictions at Hurst Green?

A6) Councillor Steady stated that Sat Nav’s are sending lorries down Hurst Green to get to Mill Street. The Town Clerk reported that Councillor Dixon and County Councillor Goggin are liaising about this and are in the process of sending the details through to Essex County Council.

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