Minute Number 051 – Questions from the Public.

Question 1 – Further to the arguments at the last Council Meeting with County Councillor Goggin, my question is why is an un-elected Councillor dictating what the Council does.

Answer 1 – The Mayor replied that these comments have been noted.

Question 2 – Concerned why Councillor Judson mentioned Fisher Jones Greenwood and the Hard issue. We thought the Hard issue had been put to bed – why is it dragging on?

Answer 2 – Councillor Ingate replied that Fisher Jones Greenwood are the Councils Solicitors, and only do what we ask them to do, and we haven’t asked them to do anything. The Mayor commented that the motion failed as there was no seconder, so could not be progressed, as per Standing Orders.

Question 3 – Spring Road – there is a bend in Spring Road between North Road and Ladysmith Avenue, There have been two accidents on this road recently. The speed limit is 30MPH but people can drive dangerously at 30MPH. Is there any consideration for traffic calming measures in this part of the road?

Answer 3 – The Mayor replied that this would have been a good question to address to County Councillor Goggin. Councillor Russell stated that this has been discussed previously at Council and County Councillor Goggin has taken it up and asked for mini roundabouts in that area. Councillor Judson stated that although people are driving at the maximum speed, anyone can cause an accident in 30MPH. The problem is caused by parking.

Question 4 – Brightlingsea Town Council is admired and respected with the way it deals with protocol. Tonight we have the example of protocol being applied correctly, with reference to Standing Orders on more than one occasion. My question is:- In Standing Orders where does it say that, without a vote, that the Town Council can decide that a County Councillor cannot give a report.

Answer 4 – The Mayor replied that there are a lot of items not included in Standing Orders, and that is one of them.

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