Minute 63 – Questions from the Public.

Q1) Anna Burnett commented on Councillor Goggin’s remark re Dog Bags, and stated that as so many bags are given out, there is no need to keep supplying dog bags.

Q2) Peter Fowler – I use the Recycling Centre at Martins Farm on a regular basis, but have heard the staff there stating that they are fed up with gardeners bringing their rubbish in. If this the reason for closure?  It is a very well used dump.

Q3) Pauline Lawrence asked who owned the freehold for all the tips in the area?

Q4) Peter Fowler – The pot holes in the High Street, two have grown since the red lines were put down.

Replies were given as follows:

A2) The Mayor replied that at the last Council Meeting, County Councillor Robinson had given the whys and wherefores regarding the closure.   The Town Council have written to County Councillor Bentley and we are also attending a meeting with him in St Osyth shortly.  Councillor Steady stated that the closure was due to finances.

A3) Councillor Goggin stated that Martins Farm was owned by Essex County Council, but the bit on the right and left as you go in is owned by St Osyth and is now a Country Park.  Councillor Steady also mentioned that the site at Rush Green is rented, and Martins Farm they own.  Councillor J Chapman said that ECC have guaranteed that the site will not become a Gypsy Site, however no decisions have been made, it is all still a proposal.

A4) Councillor J Chapman said that she had met with Anglian Water and there appears to be a drainage problem.  She also met with Chris Dunt of ECC, who will carry out exploratory work one Sunday hopefully next week.  ECC think the problem is a drainage problem.