Minute Number 042 – Questions from the Public.

Q1) Richard Price – Would like to thank Councillors J Chapman and  Steady  for their information on parking.  I agree with Peter Halliday on on-street parking and I would like to ask Brightlingsea Council of they agree and do not want parking meters.  How much power has Essex County Council got in this partnership?  Peter Halliday is afraid Tendring District Council will be outvoted.

Q2) Pauline Lawrence – On Sunday my husband had been sailing, when he came ashore the hard and waterside area was full of fish and chip wrappers, the bins were full and overflowing.  He went home got black bag, tidied up.  How often are the bins emptied?

A2) Councillor Goggin said he too tidied up on Sunday evening, and took a load of rubbish to the other bins.  He stated that the bins are emptied every morning, including weekends, first thing.  He is looking into another temporary bin – but there is a bin that nobody uses – outside the chip shop.  Councillor Russell asked Mrs Lawrence to thank her husband, on behalf of the Council, for his efforts in cleaning up.

Q3 – David Cook- Sometime ago there was news of another pharmacy.  On Friday I went to Boots with a prescription, I left it until Saturday to pick it up – it was still not ready – we are not receiving a good service from Boots.

A3) Councillor J Chapman replied that she has the details on the new pharmacy.  At the last meeting the Council agreed to back it.  I now have a copy of the responses to the application, and it appears that the people who don’t want a new pharmacy are boots.  It is in the pipeline but it is up to the PCT to agree it – it will take about a year to go through.  If anyone is having problems, you must send in your comments. 

Q4 – Mrs Cook –  Why in a conservation area, does a tree take priority over people?  Councillor Olivier has been trying to help but has not got very far.

A4) Councillor Olivier replied that in a conservation area any work on a tree needs approval and the owner has to make the application.  Councillor Dixon added that any tree in a conservation area needs permission to have any work carried out, but the Utilities Company can cut back. 

Q5 – Michael Andre – At the junction of Albert Road and Chapel Road there is a set of bollards.  Several people are parking so close to these bollards you cannot get passed with a pram or bike.  It is happening on several occasions.

A5) The Mayor said this would be looked into and we will get back to you.





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