Minute 23 – Questions from the Public.


Q1) Tony Chapman asked if the fish had been away on holiday while maintenance was being carried out to the fountain.

A1) The Mayor replied yes, and some of the fish had now been put back.


Q2) Anna Burnett – Was InTend imposed by Westminster?

A2) Peter Halliday replied no.

Q3) Pauline Laurence – 8 beach huts were broken into on Saturday night. Does this have any relation to the fair?

A3) The Mayor replied that 200 youths were in the Town on Friday with 90% of them from outside the area. 1 PCSO was in the area, and had to call for more backup. We cannot say it had any relation to the fair; they acted well within reason and actually called the police and closed down early. We now a new Sergeant in Brightlingsea, who appears extremely good.