Minute Number 104 – Questions from the Public.

Question 1) Carry on from the last meeting – Allotments and dog fouling. There were six cases of dog fouling last week, and one allotment holder phones the Council office nearly everyday to complain about it. What can be done about this? Councillor Steady replied that under his CCC Report (agenda item 11) it does state that we are reviewing signage. Temporary signage went up yesterday, and we think we know who the culprits are and we will be making representation.


Councillor Judson mentioned the post box at the Chapel Road end of Bellfield Avenue, and that it is still taped up and whether the Council could get it sorted out, so residents in that area could use it. The Clerk mentioned that the Post Office had phoned the office about this, the post box was opened, but the dog mess continued being posted in the box, so it has been taped up again. The Mayor mentioned that in Oyster Tank Road a notice has been put up, as a resident is fed up with dog mess in their garden. It is very sad, where a small minority of people in Brightlingsea do not clear up after their dog. We do have a volunteer group of 30 people, called the Brightlingsea Litter Pickers, who go out in all weathers to clean up Brightlingsea and we are working with them to put up some cigarette bins etc.


Question 2) Under F193 in the Finance Minutes – the refurbishment of the toilets at the end of the Western Promenade – does this money come out of 106 money? Councillor Steady replied yes it is. The resident said that this was unfair and Tendring should pay for the refurbishment themselves, and the 106 money should be spent more on the Community. A discussion took place.


Question 3) There has been a lot of comment on Facebook about the greenery being taken out on the Hopkins Homes Site in Robinson Road. Apparently a lot of greenery was burnt, and you could smell it in Tower Street. Are members concerned about the destruction of the natural environment? Councillor Steady replied that the planning permission, guidance and restrictions are all on the Tendring District Council web-site and no planning permission has been broken up there, as it is viewed as site clearance. The development is very nice, with open space within the development and a buffer zone as well, and as a consequence they do have to clear some of the land. The Mayor also mentioned that they will be required to put in a landscape scheme for the actual development itself.


Question 4) Now the dispute has settled with the Land Registry down at the Hard, what is the final cost of the legal costs to the Council? Councillor Steady replied that before the application went in to have the land de-registered it was £10,000. Once the AP1 form was submitted it cost £42,000, this is over a period of 3-4 years. The important thing, if you have read the judgement, is that the disturbing feature is that the jetty was on part of the land that was to be de-registered, so it was important for the town to keep control of the jetty.

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