Minute Number 24 – Questions from the Public.


Q1) Mrs Cook –Lots of the footpaths are overgrown. Last year Councillor Edey said when we were out walking we could take our secateurs with us and snip the hedges etc. when we go past. Can we still do this?

A1) Councillor Steady replied that he is making contact with the Dog Walkers, Litter Pickets etc. to try and get some sort of system in place. He is also speaking to Essex County Council regarding their cutting programme.

Q2) Colin Olivier – In your election literature you were anxious to assure potential voters that you were genuine INDEPENDENTS! As Independents you were not members of any political group, and, therefore would be completely free to pursue, as your priority, policies that would benefit the residents of Brightlingsea.

On being elected your first action was to join, as a group of Independents, with Conservative and Tendring UKIP councillors to form the Administration. In taking this decision you appear to be abandoning the commitment you made to prioritise Brightlingsea.

Could you explain how you intend to deliver the promises you made to the electorate?

A2) Councillor Steady replied that we are members of a political group, not a political party. He said that our first action was not to join with the conservatives in the administration. He said that we asked all the other political groups their feelings to get as much information on how the administration group would be formed and who would do what, also what was the best for Brightlingsea.

Councillor Yallop said that she will always put Brightlingsea first. Councillor J Chapman said if you are questioning if we are independent or being led, just wait until the next council meeting and you will see just how independent I am.

Q3) Joyce House read out a newspaper article “Why don’t they listen?”

As a newsagent, I use the roads in Brightlingsea daily and I have repeatedly reported the disgusting and dangerous condition of many of them to Essex County Council and Brightlingsea Town Council. Essex County Council did not need to waste £35,000 to find this out! I have told them many times and my report was free of charge. Will somebody please listen! Lets see some results and spend a bit more money in Brightlingsea repairing our roads properly. Don’t keep making do.

Brian House – Evening Gazette 29th June 2004.

A3) Councillor Steady replied that whilst travelling round there does seem to be a lot of patchwork done to repair the pot holes. In fairness when a hole appeared in the road in Sydney Street, within 1 ½ hours Essex County Council had filled it. Councillor J Chapman reported that the cycle race looked to coming into Brightlingsea but with one road in and one road out and the state of Red Barn Road, they decided to miss us.


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