Minute Number 156 – Questions from the Public.

Q1) Richard Price – The Parking Partnership are taking on powers from the police, i.e. parking on pavements, blocking rights of ways etc. Our roads are very crowded, and if they were to take on these powers, could they use it as a source of revenue. What is the Tendring Councillors point of view on this.

A1) Councillor Yallop replied that parking in the town is horrendous. Councillor J Chapman said that she agrees with Councillor Yallop as the parking around the town is awful, however some of the streets you have to go on the kerb to let vehicles go down. She then said that personally she would do anything than work with the Parking Partnership. Councillor Steady mentioned that Sydney Street/New Street etc., were never designed for 1 car per household let alone 3 or 4. He said that we really do need to have a look at a radical rethink about traffic direction and parking in the lower part of the town, as it is not going to get better, and if we leave it, it will get worse. Councillor J Chapman said that certain areas need looking at, for instance Western Road where people park in the turning circle, and on corners. The corners need double yellow lines, the white lines ‘keep clear’ need re-painting, also outside the Doctors Surgery – we should be working on projects like that.

Councillor Barry declared an interest as a resident of New Street and stated that he has lived in New Street for 30 plus years. He said that some people can park appropriately and some people will park inappropriately. If you approach people and ask them to park properly, they will. He added that you have to have a balanced approach – you can’t just come down and fine everyone. You need to have a consultation with the residents, try different approaches, and take a sensible approach. As a council we should take a fairly balanced approach to this and keep the Parking Partnership at arms length, as they are only out to get money.

The Mayor said that this is a subject which needs another meeting to discuss further.

Q2) David Stone said that no one objects to cars in Queen Street being parked on the paths, however you do not have to accept people parking on the kerb, i.e. outside Brian House Newsagents – next to a car park – someone needs to go round the town.

Councillor Ingate mentioned, before County Councillor Goggin left the meeting, that the white lines and arrows that were repainted on the road last year have all worn away – there are none left now.

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