Minute 177 – Questions from the Public.

Q1) Anna Burnett – Can we have a look at the children’s photos of their visit to the Council offices when they have finished with them?

A1) Councillor Dixon said that he would arrange for the display to moved here, when finished with at the school.

Q2) Mr Price – It was reported in the paper that Tendring District Council are reviewing their public toilets and a number may be closed.  How will this affect Brightlingsea? 

A2) Councillor Goggin replied that no one knows at the moment.  Tendring has a 4.4M deficit and there are more toilets in Tendring than in any other area.  They are looking at anything that costs money.

Councillor J Chapman mentioned that under Health & Safety and Insurance, public are not allowed to use our toilets.  Councillor Steady spoke about a scheme in Battersea called a community toilet scheme.