Minute 78 – Questions from the Public.

Q1) Brian House – There is a light at the end of York Road/Western Road which was hit by a lorry some time ago.  The path has been reinstated but ½ of the post is still there.  When will a new light be fitted?

Q2) Anna Burnett – Could the Agendas on the notice board could be placed lower down as they are currently difficult to read?

Q3) Anna Burnett – What has happened about the extra houses/developments in Brightlingsea?

Q4) Gordon Duncan – Does Brightlingsea have any disabled car parking facilities?

The Mayor replied as follows:
A1) The light will take a further 8 weeks to complete, 4 weeks for a new pole to be installed, and another 4 weeks for the electric.
A2) Yes we will lower the agendas on the notice board.

A3) Nothing has been decided on the Local Development Framework, however the conclusion is not until sometime in 2012.

A4) The Mayor asked Councillor Janet Aldridge to reply.  Cllr Aldridge said that the Town Council is in discussion with Tendring District Council and they are planning two disabled parking spaces in each of its car parks.  They are also looking to make disabled spaces at various points in the town, i.e. outside the bank etc.  It is in progress.