Minute Number 063 – Questions from the Public.


Q1) Removal of Sand and Gravel – Heard it mentioned earlier that there has been planning permission put in for the removal of sand and gravel. I have lived in Brightlingsea all my life, and millions of sand and gravel have been removed from Brightlingsea. Currently there are four huge great holes between Strangers Corner and Moverons. It was an area of outstanding natural beauty. I know that local councils, especially Tendring are always looking for holes to fill with waste, and they can be used for builders waste. Are the council aware of what could happen there and that they could be used for waste?


A1) Councillor Smith replied that holes in the ground would not be filled with demolition type waste. Any kind of filling, if not covered by the initial application for the removal of the gravel, would be subject to a separate planning application. Councillor Russell mentioned that the application we received for an extension to the sand and gravel, plans were submitted with the application that showed the reinstatement that they planned to do, and it would be finished when the holes were stopped being used.

Councillor Yallop mentioned the sewage works, where the trees were cut back before (Ancient Wood), that someone is looking to cut back more trees. She asked whether the other trees had a TPO put on them. The Mayor said that planning would look into this.


Q2) County Councillor Goggin mentioned Specials, the Police and Crime Commissioners hope is to have Specials all over Essex. What is the future for our policing down here? I know you are going to meet with one of the Commanders. There has been more vandalism all over Essex.


A2) Councillor J Chapman replied that the crime in Brightlingsea is very low. The Police have stressed that every time there is an incident, please report it. Recently 4 cars and Well House’s mini bus had their tyres slashed, but not one of them could be bothered to report it. If we get the numbers up, they will bring the police back. Don’t bother reporting on 101, go on to a computer, and go on the police web-site. You get a reference number and a call back within 24 hours. All Council officers are being offered a portal, and we will get one here and can do the reporting for you.


Q3) There are a lot of road works carried out in previous months, one being in Red Barn Road, however the paths are crumbling and my little boy fell over. There are a lot of new houses being built but they have not renewed paths out the front. It is an eye saw and very dangerous.


A3) The Mayor replied that as a council we would like to take it over, but Essex County Council will not let us. Councillor J Chapman advised to give the details to either Councillors Judson or Smith, or to the Clerk, so the Council can report it. Councillor Yallop stated that her father fell over earlier this year, and the defect is still not fixed.

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