Minute Number 38 – Questions from the Public.


Q1)      Mr Price – At the last Councillor Surgery I came in to see Councillors Dixon and V Chapman.  I asked how much money has it cost the rate payers of Tendring re: InTend.


A1)      Councillor Steady replied that £1.5m has been spent, running InTend for two years.  At the last Council meeting InTend was ‘wound  up’.  It was costing £2,500.00 a month to run, but as times have changed, and laws have changed, it was set up as a stand alone company, they thought they could access money which Councils couldn’t.


Councillor Goggin said that he was a Director of InTend.  There are strands of money which are not available to Councils and District Councils, and this company was formed to access the money.


Q2)      Mr Cook – Recently there was a mattress an a bicycle dumped in Nelson Street.  Now there is a mattress in James Street.  How do we control  fly tipping?


A2)      The Mayor asked the Town Clerk to report this to TDC in the morning.


Q3)      Mrs House – All Saints Churchyard – I have never seen it looking so bad.  I would like to thank the people who went up there and volunteered to help clear.  A fortnight ago a mini bus turned up, with some elderly people on board. They went to go into the churchyard, one person fell over a pot hole, the as the weeds were too high they did not enter into the churchyard.


A4)      The Mayor replied that our Grounds team worked up there with 12 volunteers on the Saturday.  There has been a problem with the pay-back team and the frequency of their visits.   Councillor J Chapman briefed members of the public that the churchyard is not the Councils responsibility.


Q5)      Mr Conroy asked if the council had any questions regarding the e-mail which had been circulated regarding the Veolia lights.  He said that he had received confirmation from the DSA and they had confirmed that these vehicles are illegal and he would like the council to note this and the fact that they are dangerous. He also spoke about flashing Christmas lights on houses and that TDC have no skilled staff to look into this.


A5)      Councillor J Chapman said that Mr Conroy has kept her informed on the strobe lighting, and Anglian Water admitted they were at fault and changed their lights.  The Mayor replied that the Council has taken is comments on board.


Q6)      Mr Banham had spoken to the Mayor before the meeting regarding Dogs on the Promenade – The information taken off the TDC website is misleading and contradictory.


A6)      The Mayor replied that she will take this back to TDC for clarification.

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