Minute Number 207 – Questions from the Public.


Q1) Richard Price – Local Waste Plan – I understand you will be asking fro a representative from Essex County Council to come and talk to Council members about this plan. Once you have had the meeting, can I suggest that you get the views from Bernard Jenkin MP, and also, as there is an EU Directive for Waste right across Essex, you should also contact the 7 MEP’s.


Q2) Joyce House – Are we getting any pot holes filled in the near future? There are two opposite the Colne School, ones on the entrance to the Manor Estate, two in Red Barn Road area, one outside Johnny Macs.


A2) The Mayor replied that these would be passed onto County Councillor Goggin. Councillor V Chapman replied that she had recently attended a meeting at the EALC where Rodney Bass was in attendance. He mentioned that 98% of all main roads have been fixed, but he did acknowledge that estate and rural roads, pavements and kerb edges needed a lot more attention. He did not think that pot holes were still an issue. He mentioned that when pot holes are marked, they fill them in temporarily to being with, but they know that the filling will come out again. Once they have been temporarily fix, they then go out again and fix them for the second time – this time properly. Councillor Steady asked if there is a spread sheet on the County web-site? Councillor Barry mentioned that the general state of the roads is deteriorating .  New Street was due to be resurfaced, it was surveyed, but now all the markings have warn off. The Mayor then asked if the office could check the status of all pot holes reported, and then send County an e-mail about these, with a copy to Rodney Bass. She also mentioned that in Shropshire they send a team out to repair all the pot holes in that town, they never temporarily fill them in, this saves them thousands.


Q3) Tony Chapman – Regarding the recycling proposal at Morses Lane, and EWD having a 24 hours license. Does the council think it would be worthwhile having a time and weight restriction on Samson’s Road and Red Barn Road, the same as in Lower Park Road.


A3) Councillor Dixon replied that they are going through a residential area, sometimes at 5am, with 24 hour access – this is not good for the residents. He then said that he would pass this onto County Councillor Goggin for his comments/advice.

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