Minute Number 064 – Questions from the Public.

Q1) Mr Cook – Have phoned Hedingham Buses and they have not yet finalised their prices – They are quoting a price of £17.50 a week, not quarterly.  Have spoke to Jim at Clacton and have received confirmation from Cedrics of £54.00 a month.  How are Hedingham Buses the same price?

A1) Councillor Aldridge said she would give him the contact number for Go Ahead Buses who are in charge of the new service.  Councillor J Chapman said that Tesco have copies of the new timetables, and these have the prices on.

Q2) Richard Price about the Police Commissioners election which takes place in November.  He stated that he does not understand the election process.  He then asked Councillors if they would consider asking Linda Belgrove to attend a meeting to explain the new police authority?  He then asked the Tendring Councillors if they knew when Peter Haliday was appointed, how he was appointed and what qualifications he has for that post?

A2) The Mayor stated that yes we would invite Linda to attend a meeting with members to discuss the Police Authority.  Councillor J Chapman said that she had no idea how Peter Haliday was elected.  Councillor Steady said he thought it was similar to Essex County Council, with the Leader nominating.