Minute Number 181 – Questions from the Public.

Q1) Mr Price – I am amazed, Essex County Council have known for 2 years about the preferred bidder – they are now rushing it through and this means a lack of communication to the rate payers – the public.  (1) have they talked to anyone about this partnership?  Councillor Steady replied that it came up at last weeks budget meeting and a partnership has been formed in Tendring.  (2) What will be lines of communication  to new company? Essex highways – Runway Jacobs? Essex County Council has reduced its staff by voluntary redundancies.  The new company may have to reduce even further.  It is difficult to get through to the people that matter.  I am amazed that Essex County Council are doing this with 2 months to go.  They knew the private company was in force 2 years ago.  How do we get through, we are the.. rate payers – member s of public.
The Mayor replied that when we know the answer to your question, we will let you know.