Minute 136 – Questions from the Public.

Q1) Dave Palmer –Am the new Chairman for the Music Festival for 2011.  Would like to work with all interested groups/organisations that help with the Festival.  Given the current economic climate and the press release that was negative towards the council, would like to discover your opinions and views and support for the festival for next year.

Q2) Richard Price – With the trial ongoing for the Tiptree Police Station move into the Fire Station, one worrying point is the contact point for the Police in the Library.  You have to talk to a Police representative in public.  Where is the security in our new office? 

Having talked to the civilian in the Mobile Station, is that going as well?  Further down the track is the Fire Station going as well?

Q3) Anna Burnett – The proposed development at the back of Sydney Street is much too high density for car parking.  One road in and out, only one bus route – there is not enough car parking down there.

Would also like to thank the dustbin men, who always clear up on time.

Would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Replies were given as follows:

A3) The Mayor stated that this application is a renewal of a previous application.  At the planning meeting held last week we stated that access in Ophir Road/Sydney Street is too tight, and it should be in Tower Street, with an archway.

Councillor Aldridge added that she has spoken to the planning department at Tendring District Council and on road parking can be taken as a 2nd parking space.  There is no more room in this area of Brightlingsea.

Councillor Steady added that we are aware of new planning laws, and some planning may come back to the local councils.

A2) The Mayor said that the council has a meeting early in the New Year with the Police.  Councillor J Chapman said that a month ago we were about to lose our police station totally, but that has now changed.  Work has already started on the Fire Station and the plan is to move the front desk first.  We will have 4 PCSOs working out of Brightlingsea but they won’t guarantee any police officers.  All will be based in Clacton.  There was a rumour that a Doctor was going to buy the Police Station, but Alison Newcome said that the property would have to go on the open market.

Councillor Aldridge said that there is a rumour that they are reviewing the Fire Services as well.

A3) Councillor Aldridge declared a personal interest in this item.

The Mayor spoke about the article in last months chronicle, and read out a statement from this article.  He then mentioned that the Music Festival is not charged for using the land, numerous volunteers including Councillors and Groundsman give up their time on a free basis, meetings held at the Parish Hall are not charged for, and the event has a free write-up in the Town Guide.

Councillor Block stated that the grant the Music Festival receives each year is not a discretionary grant, but a standing annual grant that we give each year.

Councillor Yallop mentioned that she was very upset by the article, both herself and Councillor Beckwith spent a lot of time helping with the rubbish clear ups, and she also mentioned the advert in the Town Guide.

It was then suggested that after the new Committee had had its 1st meeting in January, they could talk to the Council and issue a more positive statement to the press.


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