Minute Number 44 – Questions from the Public.


Q1) Tony Chapman –having experienced a day with no police or PCSO’s in the town and Nick Alston stating that the PCSO’s are going, should the Town Council reconsider sponsoring a PCSO for the Town as other areas do?


Q2 Richard Price – Can the Tendring District Councillors give a update on the Garden City Project with Colchester and Braintree?


Q3) Colin Olivier – Hope this is the right forum to ask this question, as the majority of Councillors are Trustees of the Springmead Trust:


The Trust’s nett expenditure for the last five years (2010-2014) was £12700.

The Trust has funds of several hundred thousand £s.

Apart from maintaining its support for Springmead Garden, what current activities is the Trust pursuing to meet the objectives in the Trust Deed – which are – ANY CHARITABLE PURPOSE FOR THE GENERAL BENEFIT OF THE INHABITANTS OF BRIGHTLINGSEA.

Looking to the future, will the Trust support the development of the museum – an activity specifically identified in the original bequest to the Town.”


Q4) Pamela Miller – At the Leisure Village, we understand that Brightlingsea Town Council instructed their Solicitor to write to Hammerton Leisure Limited (HLL) to the effect that if HLL did not issue park lodge owners with a written legal agreement regarding the security of tenure, then BTC would not renew the lease with HLL on the land currently occupied by the Leisure Village in Promenade Way. Did that letter give a deadline date for HLL to comply? What was that date? Was the letter ever sent? We have not received any correspondence from HLL so far.


Q5) Gary Humm – On the Town Clerks report and the correspondence requiring action, this does not include the Solicitors letter received from his Solicitor. Why not?


A1) Councillor Blanche replied that he has met with PC Dan Heard who is our local Community Police Officer, and at the moment we have no idea how the police cuts will affect anyone. Councillor Russell then proposed that this it taken to the next Finance meeting for discussion. Seconded by Councillor Blanche. Agreed.


A2) The Mayor reported that she did not know Tendring’s position on the Garden City Project, but will find out and let Mr Price know. Councillor Steady said that the Garden City Project is in the early stages, and more details will follow soon.


A3) The Mayor replied that this is a Council meeting not a Springmead Meeting so cannot give an answer, but will ensure that this is on the agenda at the next meeting of the Springmead Trust.


A4) The Mayor replied that the council is aware that Mr Hammerton is not doing things correctly, and we are in the initial stages of the legal process to rectify that. Our Lawyers advise is not to discuss the renewal of the 2019 lease, we can only take action on things that are not right on the current lease.


A5) The Mayor replied that this will be discussed in Part B of the meeting. Gary Humm asked why not in the public domain? The Mayor stated that this is now a legal issue and could not be discussed. She also reiterated that this is a ‘Question & Answer’ session, not open for debate.


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