Minute Number 181 – Questions from the Public.

Q1) Richard Price – The Co-Op have put in their objection to waste plan, and you can access the comments on-line and get the details.  Has the Town Council had any correspondence  with East England Co-Op?  This could be serious and the town could end up with no Co-Op or Petrol Station.

Q2) Gary Scott – Councillor for Alresford and District Councillor for Tendring – The proposed Waste Plan, when they are looking at waste plans, they carry out highway infrastructure improvements on roads to compensate the weight of the lorries.  Is this is in the proposal to carry out major highway improvements?  Also like to know whether County Councillors at County Hall voted for this to come through to here and then open up a consultation afterwards.

Q3) Julia Taylor – Waste Disposal Project – There was an article in the local Chronicle, and the article spoke about certain criteria being readdressed.  At the end of the criteria it stated that green was ok, then amber, then red.  All the judgements were red.  Does anyone know what that means, and if it is red – it is a no go and why is the proposal still on the table?

Q4) Mr Dalgleish – Can you please ratify what the position is regarding the waste plant, whether or not they are going to put the waste plant in or not.

A1)The mayor replied that the Council has not received any correspondence with the Co-Op.  She stated that we will have a look on line and will get in contact with Head Office.

A2, 3, 4) Councillor Smith clarified the situation on the waste local plan and the planning application.  There has been an examination in public with an inspector.  He stated that the Town Council has continued with its objections, and the latest modifications consultation has taken place.  He stated that until the waste plan becomes finalised and that becomes an approved site you are not going to get a planning application from the applicant.  It is not cut an dried yet. The Mayor reiterated that the Council are against the proposal, and the Council is doing everything they can.

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