Minute 84 – Questions from the Public.

Q1) Mr Price – Martins Farm – I have written to Mr Bentley, received an acknowledgement letter stating that they will send me the requested information.  I have since phoned the office – no luck.  I have contacted Bernard Jenkin MP, spoken to County Councillor Robinson who said I should contact Mr Bentley again.  All I want is the figures.  I want the tip to stay, if closed what will the site be used for?  I feel very disappointed as a rate payer.

Q2) Mike Holding – With the problems at Dale Farm and the imminent evictions, is all Brightlingsea Town Council land safe and secure?

Q3) Mike Holding – All Saints Churchyard – Drove past and it appears to be filling up rapidly and is over ½ full.  Has the Town Council started to look into extending or finding another suitable site?

Replies were given as follows:

A1) The Mayor stated that Councillors were attending a meeting on the 27th September at  St Osyth Parish Council Offices, and would push County Councillor Bentley for the information.

A2) The Mayor replied that the Council has taken necessary precautions, and started to prepare.  Several landowners have already blocked off their field entrances.  We have also been talking to Terry Hamilton about this.  Councillor Aldridge mentioned Oyster Tank Road Car Park, which is large open space.  Councillor Yallop replied that all Councillors do have the TDC hotline number to phone in case of any problems.

A3) Councillor V Chapman replied that there is a Churchyard meeting next Tuesday and the Churchyard is an agenda item.  The Mayor stated that the PCC is very anxious that something is done.  Councillor Olivier asked why the extension is filling up rapidly, when it was quoted that the extension would last for some 20 years, and it has only been open for 4-5 years?  The Mayor replied that it is filling up quicker than expected. 

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