Minute Number 027 – Questions from the Public.

Q1) Richard Price – Tendring should send a representative to the Parking Partnership. We have got yellow lines down one side of the road for July and August, but the other side by the humps is anytime and there is a small plaque on the posts. I do not remember any discussion about the yellow lines at any Town Council meetings. Someone from Tendring District Council is on this parking partnership, and there should have been more communication, but I do not remember it bring brought back to the Town council.

A1)The Mayor replied that he could not remember being consulted on this one, at Town Council level. Councillor V Chapman mentioned that an e-mail was sent to the three Tendring District Councillors. Councillor Smith stated that he had received a letter from a local resident, who thought the yellow lines were just for July and August but to put yellow lines all the way down is rather heavy. He said that there is a better way of restricting parking for 2 months of the year, rather than putting in the yellow lines. He too cannot recall any discussion about this. The Local Highways Panel or Tendring District Council Parking got on and did it. Councillor V Chapman mentioned that the idea had been suggested, but she had heard no more until the work was carried out. The Mayor stated that he does not disagree in principle but he disagrees with the lack of consultation and the implementation.