Minute Number 193 – Questions from the Public.

Q1) Richard Price – Talking to the guys who clean the toilet blocks in Tendring, they receive a lot of abuse from the youths, and there is always lots of vandalism. Is a lot of money going to be spent on the toilets, if so, when it is done, what is the plan to stop the vandalism? Councillor Steady said that there are specific issues, not just the toilets, but specific issues in the Lozenge, Bayard Rec etc. There are CCTV in certain areas, but not everywhere. Short of having 24 hour police patrol, we need people on the ground. Councillor Yallop reiterated that Brightlingsea is lucky that we still have the toilets, as many are being closed in the Tendring area. Councillor J Chapman said the Warden Patrols will increase, as will the cleaning.