Minute Number 174 – Questions from the Public.

Q1) Alan Goggin – Would the Council consider and discuss the merits of a number plate recognition system coming into town, some of the work – is it feasibly possible – is there. In terms of budgeting, it will need an input from the council. This is one of the more popular issues that have been talked about, and I have found lots of support for it. There are many good reasons and it would be nice if the Council could consider it again, to go in their system.

A1) Councillor Yallop replied that when we had the meeting with the chap from the NPR, she thought they said that we were not able to have a permanent camera there, due to data protection, putting signs up etc. Has this changed? Mr Goggin replied no, the NPR system everyone believes is to do with cars, but is nothing specifically to do with cars and vehicles, it is primarily to do with serious crime. They have said that they could put a camera at the top of the hill, and if this council thinks it is a good idea, they would not have any objection. The Mayor said that the Council would look at this again.