The developers behind a plan to complete the Marina development in Brightlingsea have been given the go ahead for changes to the rest of the site.

The former James and Stone Shipyard at the Waterside Marina originally received planning permission from Tendring District Council (TDC) 13 years ago. The scheme involved residential, commercial, retail, restaurant, live and work units and a marina. However, some of the development was started and halted due to a change in the economic conditions.

Now Purelake New Homes Ltd has put in for permission to alter some of the plans for the buildings at the north-western landward corner of the site and on the far eastern side as well as some those that are partly constructed – using the same footprint. There is an increase in the number of properties from 51 to 53 as well as more three-bedroom, and less two bedroom homes, than previously agreed. Some of the commercial units will also be lost and will be replaced with 15 extra parking spaces.

The latest application attracted a mixture of responses with six letters of support and seven objecting to the proposal. Some were worried about the loss of on-street parking spaces on Waterside Road, while others felt it would make vehicle movements safer. Brightlingsea Town Council was concerned about garages leading onto the main road.

The scheme was approved with 19 conditions to be complied with and there are developer contributions for highway improvements.

A spokesman for TDC said that it was not felt that the current application would cause any additional impact than the one previously approved. “The suitability of this site for further residential accommodation has already been demonstrated and the fact this is a brownfield site is another consideration which weighs in its favour,” he added.

Essex County Council as highway authority is happy with the proposal provided certain conditions are met first, including a construction management plan and the financial contributions that formed part of the previous application.