Planning Decisions at TDC – February/March 2015

14/01900/FULApproval – Full


Delegated Decision

Colne Yacht Club 

Brightlingsea Town Council has no objection to it being placed on a temporary measure and recommend approval for a short fixed term as a temporary measure only and look forward to a permanent structure.

Proposed siting of a portacabin yard office.139 – 141 Tower StreetBrightlingsea
01        The development hereby permitted shall be carried out in accordance with the following approved plans: Layout Plan for Portacabin (Scale 1:50) and Block Plan (Scale 1:500).

Reason – For the avoidance of doubt and in the interests of proper planning.


14/01893/FULApproval – Full


Delegated Decision

The Raymond Partnership – Mr R RaymondThis application was noted.


Retrospective application for the erection of 2 No. columns with CCTV cameras for security purposes.Morses LaneBrightlingsea
01        The screening panels to Column 02 shall be retained in perpetuity as shown on approved drawing number 1369/03.Reason – To protect the amenity of residents residing in Churchill Close.


15/00129/HHPNOTHHPN – Prior Approval Not Required


Delegated Decision

Architectural Drawing Services – Mr Keith HarrisThis application was noted.Part demolition of existing building and erection of single storey pitched roof rear extension.96 Tower StreetBrightlingsea


01        Drawing No 765:02. 
15/00004/FULRefusal – Full


Delegated Decision

Mr & Mrs MackintoshBrightlingsea Town Council recommended approval.Proposed detached garage and log store.19 Maltings RoadBrightlingsea
01        The National Planning Policy Framework attaches great importance to the design of the built environment and confirms good design is a key aspect of sustainable development, is indivisible from good planning, and should contribute positively to making places better for people. It states that planning should always seek to secure high quality design and a good standard of amenity for all existing and future occupants of land and buildings.Saved Policies QL9, QL10 and QL11 of the adopted Tendring District Local Plan (2007), and Policy SD9 of the Tendring District Local Plan Proposed Submission Draft (2012) as amended by the Tendring District Local Plan: Pre-Submission Focussed Changes (2014) seek to ensure that all new development makes a positive contribution to the quality of the local environment and should protect or enhance local character.

Despite some variants, the front boundaries of Maltings Road and St Andrews Place are predominantly open or enclosed by low level walls and planting contributing to the spacious character of the area. There are no other examples of front garages or buildings.

The proposed garage and log store, by virtue of its siting forward of the dwelling on this prominent corner plot will result in an incongruous form of development within the street scene, detrimental to visual amenity and the overall character of the area contrary to the aforementioned national and local policies.


15/00039/FULApproval – Full


Delegated Decision

Mr & Mrs HollandBrightlingsea Town Council has no objection to the proposal but deplores the growing tendency for applications to be made retrospectively or after the works have commenced.Demolition of existing garage & outbuildings, construction of new extension, provision of bedroom within roof space (variation to previously approved application 14/00354/FUL changing materials to cladding).HartismereChurch Road


01        The development hereby permitted shall be carried out in accordance with the following approved plans: Drawing No. 752/03, 752/04, 752/loc B and 752/05 B.Reason – For the avoidance of doubt and in the interests of proper planning.












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Decisions for the Week Ending 20th February 2015