You are hereby summoned to the Planning Committee of the Council to be held in the Parish Hall, Victoria Place, Brightlingsea on Thursday 26th July 2018 at 6.45pm for the transaction of the business stated below.


Tracey Pulford

Tracey Pulford (20th July 2018)

Town Clerk



  1. Apologies for Absence: Councillor J Chapman
  2. Confirmation of the Minutes of the Meeting held on 12th July 2018

To receive the Minutes of the Meeting held on 12th July 2018 and to confirm as a correct record.


  1. Declaration of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

Members are reminded of the requirement to disclose any Interest in relation to items on the Agenda, when these are discussed.


  1. Planning

To make recommendations in respect of Planning Applications submitted to Tendring District Council up to and including Thursday 26th July 2018.



Applications Received:-


Application Number: 18/00946/FUL

Proposal: Change of use from Community Hall (Use Class D1) to a Holistic Fitness, Yoga and Pilates Studio (Use Class D2) with ancillary cafe area (Use Class A3) – PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF DESCRITPION FOR THIS APPLICATION

Location: 66 Tower Street, Brightlingsea


Application Number: 18/01143/FUL

Proposal: Proposed two storey side and rear extensions to form additional living space & porch

Location: 14 George Avenue, Brightlingsea


Application Number: 18/01112/TELLIC – FOR INFORMATION ONLY

Proposal: Broadband cabinet

Location: Opposite of Hall Farm Cottages, Church Road, Brightlingsea


Application Number: 18/01115/TELLIC – FOR INFORMATION ONLY

Proposal: Installation of a High Speed Broadband cabinet

Location: Outside of Lynch Acres, East End Green, Brightlingsea


Application No: 18/00991/FUL

Proposal: Proposed new 2 bedroom dwelling with associated external works along with a new drop kerb and removal of a single storey element to No. 77

Location: 77 Seaview Road, Brightlingsea


Application No: 18/01170/FUL

Proposal: Change of use of ground floor garage to commercial laundrette, internal alterations to move kitchen to first floor separate commercial space from flat above, car parking to be provided by public car park opposite property

Location: 166 Tower Street, Brightlingsea