1. Awaiting response or action from the county on:-
  • Springmead House – Walnut Tree Junction, mini roundabout and/or some sort of calming.
  • New town area covered by night time HGV lorry ban – 20MPH speed limit or other means of traffic calming and action on irresponsible parking.
  • Summer time parking restriction on the Waterside needs reviewing.


  1. Ten year wait for town centre parking restrictions:-
  • The area of Victoria Place from New Street to Queen Street and Ladysmith Avenue both sides, North and South,
  • Area of Victoria Place from Ladysmith Avenue to Station road, both East and West sides including Lower Green slip-road.
  • The only change in 8 years was the restriction should be for 2 hours not 1 hour.


  1. Railings and safety measures on Church Road at the Colne Community School are currently with our County Councillor Alan Goggin.


Town Plan Follow-up: The order for pedestrian signage to be placed near the TDC notice board at the Gander Goose Green junction on Lower Park Road has been confirmed and planning consent will have to be obtained. We are still waiting for the refurbished notice board from TDC.