Had nearly a two hour meeting with Mike Carran, with Councillor Goggin in attendance. We thrashed out a few main issues and he admitted that the pool hadn’t been up to its usual standard this year, for different circumstances. He assured me that everything will be adhered to this year, with engineers, cracks, and all the grievances that myself and Brightlingsea Council have got. I hope these do come to fruition. Though I came out of the meeting a lot happier than when I went in, I do still think myself and Brightlingsea Council should keep up pressure because what they say and what they do might not be what Council and myself are expecting. We will wait and see. We have agreed that works will be complete at least one week before the opening of the pool, to ensure all the problems have been sorted out.

Though no pool makes a profit, Tendring District Council seems to spend many hundreds of thousands of pounds on other pools in the area, where in reality very little is actually spent at Brightlingsea pool, which is quite a big tourist attraction for the town.

Graham Mann