The Hard and waterside

  • Together with several local Councillors we attended the Yacht club firework display on Saturday November 8. It was a fantastic event and well supported in attendance terms. A real credit to the Town. Estimated numbers between 1500 and 2000. Need to discuss if we want to help and support the yacht club as frankly speaking the collection was OK but still poor for the numbers attending. Previous displays have been similar.
  • The damage to the Jetty was less than anticipated, but does highlight how vulnerable the project is.
  • I am aware of several rumours about a bid and change of use for parts of the Waterside development. I have sought clarification from Tendring planning but am advised that nothing official has changed yet. Apparently there have been some informal discussions with interested parties but these may be commercially sensitive. I personally know no more than last month.
  • The annual meeting with the Harbour Commissioners is being arranged. All Councillors are welcome and I hope to have a date for Thursday’s meeting.

Alan Goggin