It has been a really busy month with people needing assistance with help. A vast range of problems from people who are to be made homeless to elderly needing equipment and financial support including attendance allowance and carer’s allowance.  Working with other organisations a stair banister has been fitted and two more applications have gone in for Wet rooms and alterations to bathrooms.

I attended the Churchyard meeting with Cllr V Chapman and Cllr C Olivier.

Attended the Remembrance Day service with other Councillors on Sunday 9th November.  It was one of the largest parades and huge turnout of  the public for many years, also Tuesday 11th November saw the town come to a stand still.

A meeting was held on Monday 10th November with Bryan Marshall from Lloyds bank at the Business Association meeting where several different businesses and members of the Council and organisations put questions to him.  A letter arrived on Wednesday giving written confirmation that the branch would not be closing.

Mark Burton who is branch manager at Colchester and his team have asked for any feedback on ways they can help people to transfer their accounts. “Their goal being to make sure the service for existing and new clients remains a positive, supportive and consistently good service to your community.”

I had a brief meeting with the new Police Sergeant and invited him to attend a council meeting to meet all councillors.