The allotment waiting list currently has 40 people on it, and number 1 on the list put their name down in February 2011. One plot has recently been given up, and is due to be re-let shortly.

The siting of CCTV for the Bowling Club is imminent.

The Bore Hole is installed. Just waiting for the pump to be fitted.

Reviewing the allotment terms and conditions and also increased our inspections to monthly.

Unfortunately there has been break ins to the allotments and equipment has been stolen from some of the sheds. This seems to fit in with a pattern around the town in as much as the sheds at All Saints Church and Lime Street have also been broken into.

Finalising arrangements for a meeting with all allotment holders.

Lower Park Recreation Ground

• Improve landscaping – looking at the feasibility of including a sensory garden
• Improve drainage
• Increase dialogue with user groups

Bayard Recreation Ground

• Form a management structure more fit for purpose
• Plans for the dressing rooms extensions have been submitted to TDC and permission has been granted. After a visit by the Surveyors, specification drawings have being prepared. In discussions with the FA to ensure that the facilities we plan are up to date.

  • Cinque Port Football Club have been promoted to a higher league, which means there are other specifications they have to meet. These will all be provided when the changing room extension is completed, but in the mean time the disabled toilet at the back of the existing facility has had a shower unit installed so that it can be used for an officials changing room on the day of matches. The work has been completed by members of the Cinque Port Football Club as a self help initiative and this is something we are looking into for the building of the dressing room extension.
    Provide better storage facilities. In conjunction with the Bowls Club we are talking to providers of buildings for storage. This will be to fit in with the proposed new changing rooms that the Bowls Club are planning, so that it will all be in keeping.
  • Improve the children’s playground by incorporating equipment for older children, i.e. Zip-Wire.

The plan is now to register the Recreation Ground with the Fields in Trust scheme and to apply for grants from the relevant bodies.

The following is an action plan for Amenity Areas:

Bayard Recreation Ground – Perceived Problems

  • Lack of investment and planning
  • Lack of Community use
  • Lack of contact with user groups
  • Lack of recreational open space below recommended level IE 6 acres per 1000 head of population


Objectives Method Achievement
To upgrade maintenance programme By using existing budgets in a more cost effective way Purchase of equipment so we are in control of when we do maintenance. Awards won two years running from Essex Playing Fields Association
To upgrade facilities By encouraging part ownership by user groups Cricket club – Nets

Bowls Club – enlarging club house and installation of CCTV. £7,000 awarded to the Bowls Club from the Tendring Big Society Fund.

Playcentre – new enlarged facility
Cinque Port – self help installation of officials changing room using disabled toilet
Town Council CCTV installed
Plans completed for dressing room extension, in consultation with FA and users.   Application made to Tendring Big Society Fund. Plans passed by TDC.   Looking at completion date of   March/April 2015.

Unfortunately we were not successful in our bid to the Big Society.

Acquisition of amenity land Funding rom S106 money




Objectives Method Achievement
To upgrade facilities Liaising with allotment holders and association Bore hole installed, on-going discussions with all users regarding the provision of brick built storage area and installation of CCTV

Bye-Laws for Recreational Grounds

Existing bye-laws being reviewed with a view to updating and also an audit of usage being carried out.

Graham Steady

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