Minutes of the Planning Committee held at the Parish Hall, Victoria Place,

Brightlingsea, Essex on Thursday 8th January 2015 at 7.00 p.m.




D Dixon (Chairman)

V Chapman (Vice Chair)

I Block, E Edey, G Mann, C Olivier and J Russell



  1. APOLOGIES: None received




The Minutes of the meeting held on the 11th December 2014 were approved as a true record of the meeting.




None received.




The following applications had been received by Tendring District Council:


Application No: 14/01643/FUL

Proposal: Modifications to design approved under 12/00413/FUL – formation of dormer on front roof slope and widening of rear second floor bedroom window -Kylemore, Church Road, Brightlingsea

Recommend Approval


Councillors V Chapman and Dixon both declared personal interest in the following application:


Application No: 14/01785/LBC

Proposal: Roof strengthening measures to avoid further degradation of property. This will include installing additional timbers to help carry the roof load and will allow original timbers and clay pantiles to remain – 1 Hurst Green, Brightlingsea

Recommend Approval


Application No: 14/01830/FUL

Proposal: Proposed pitch roofs over existing garages – 1 & 2 Pertwee Close, Brightlingsea

Brightlingsea Town Council is concerned that the character of the estate is being continually eroded.


Application No: 14/01849/FUL

Proposal: Proposed change of use into restaurant with addition thereto – 10 High Street, Brightlingsea

Brightlingsea Town Council have no objection to this application


Application No: 14/01870/TPO

Proposal: T1 – Eucalyptus – reduce by 40-50% to reduce risk of heavy limbs falling across cables and driveway – Hall Farm Bungalow, Moverons Lane, Brightlingsea

Recommend Approval


Application No: 14/01754/FUL

Proposal: A new timber building to be used as a changing room – Brightlingsea Bowling Club, Regent Road, Brightlingsea

Brightlingsea Town Council welcomes the application but make no further comment as ground landlord


Application No: 14/01877/FUL

Proposal: Change of use of a single storey vet’s surgery and conversion into a two storey and single storey extension to the side and rear of no. 17 to create extra residential use to that property – 17 Dean Street, Brightlingsea

Recommend Approval – an improvement


Application No: 14/01844/ADV

Proposal: Proposed 1 no. fascia sign and 1 no. projecting sign – 8-10 High Street, Brightlingsea

Brightlingsea Town Council have no objection to this application


Application No: 14/01780/FUL

Proposal: Extension to conservatory. New flat roof to conservatory. New porch to front elevation. 2 No. wooden box windows to front elevation, 3 No. wooden windows to side elevation, 1 No. velux roof light to roof space of rear elevation – 59 Samsons Road, Brightlingsea

Recommend Approval


Application No: 14/01788/FUL

Proposal: Rear single storey extension – 50 Nelson Street, Brightlingsea

Recommend Approval


Application No: 14/01744/AGRIC                        FOR INFORMATION ONLY

Proposal: Erection of new grain store – Lower Farm, Lower Farm Lane, Brightlingsea

This application was noted




There being no further business to discuss the Meeting closed at 7.30 p.m.



Received by Council on: 15th January 2015                       Approved by Committee on: 22nd January 2015


                  Signed by Chair:                                                                           Signed by Chair:


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