Minutes of the Meeting held at the Parish Hall, Victoria Place, Brightlingsea

on Thursday 31st October 2013 at 7.30 pm




I Block (Chairman)

J Chapman (Vice Chairman)

D Dixon, J Russell, G Steady and K Yallop


Also in Attendance:

Councillor Olivier

Tracey Pulford- Town Clerk/RFO


F.093.  APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Councillor Goggin.



ON THE 3rd October 2013:


The Minutes were accepted as a true record of the meeting.




Members were reminded of the requirement to disclose any interest in relation to items on the agenda, when these are discussed.


F.096               Grant Applications:


The Chairman briefed members that one application had been received from the Brightlingsea Sailing Club, asking for £500.00 towards the purchase of new sails to allow the boats to be used for competitive racing.  After discussion it was proposed by Councillor J Chapman that the Council helps to buy two sails at £250.00, seconded by Councillor Russell.  Agreed.


Councillor Yallop briefed on the group she mentioned at the last meeting.  She stated that they are a support group for autistic children.  After discussion it was agreed that Councillor Steady would be able to offer some money from his MSR youth budget.


Recommendation: (1) The Brightlingsea Sailing Club are offered a grant of  £250.00 to buy two sails.  (2)  Councillor Steady would offer some money from his MSR youth budget to the Support Group for Autistic Children.


F.097               Outstanding Debts:


The Chairman briefed members that in 2011 the Council ’loaned’ Energise £800.00 to help pay its outstanding invoices from the 2011 event.  £150.00 was paid back on the 27th March, and £650.00 is still outstanding.  After discussion it was agreed that this debt would be written off.


Recommendation: The Energise debt of £650.00 is written off.

F.098               2014/2015 Budgets:


The Chairman briefed members that the budget figures would be increased by 2% in the first instance.  Two budgets would be prepared, one including the full precept amount, the other without the Local Council Tax Support Scheme.  He also stated that MSR bids were required, in advance of the next meeting.


F.099   Property:


Brightlingsea Leisure Village  Councillor Steady briefed members on the meeting held on the 22nd October with Guy Thompson of Prettys Solicitors.  All members had a copy of the e-mail from Guy dated 28th October 2013 which included copy of 2 draft letters.  After discussion it was agreed that Prettys Solicitors sends both letters to Mr Hammerton Solicitor.


Churchyard  Councillor J Chapman briefed members that Mr Scott has replied to Prettys Solicitors and is not prepared to sell or release any land for an extension to the Churchyard.  She therefore proposed that a letter is sent to Trinity College, from  Prettys Solicitors, asking them for land.  Agreed.


            Recommendation: (1) Prettys send the two letters as detailed in the e0mail dated 28th October 2013 (2) Prettys write to Trinity College to ask if they would sell/release land for an extension to the Churchyard.




There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.00 pm.

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