Minutes of the Meeting held at the Parish Hall, Victoria Place, Brightlingsea on Thursday 28th October 2010 at 8.10 pm.

I Block (Chairman)
J Russell (Vice Chairman)
J Chapman, D Dixon, A Goggin, G Steady and K Yallop

Also in Attendance:
Councillors M Beckwith, M Holding and G Mann

F.454 Apologies:  None received.

F.455 Confirmation of the Minutes of meeting held on 7th October 2010, received by Council on the 21st October 2010:

The Minutes were agreed as a true record of the meeting.

F.456 Declaration of Personal and Prejudicial Interests:

The Chairman reminded Members to declare their personal and prejudicial interests, as and when appropriate.

F.457 Request from the Parochial Church Council for a litter bin at All Saints’ Church

The Chairman read a letter from the Churchwardens requesting provision of a litter bin to stand beside the lych gate at All Saints’ Church.  He recommended that this Committee accept Cllr V Chapman’s offer to fund this through her Small Grant Scheme money from Tendring District Council.  Agreed.

Recommendation:  The Parochial Church Council be informed that Cllr V Chapman will make arrangements for the funding of a litter bin from her Tendring District Council Small Grant Scheme allocation.

F.458 Leisure Village Rent Review.

The Chairman reported that he and the Clerk would be studying the report from Fenn Wright and would present a report to the next meeting of this Committee combining this with other information from Cllr J Chapman.

F.459 Review of Standing Orders

Councillor Russell made comments as she would not be present at a meeting on 4th November:  She recommended:
a) Standing Order 2 – It was tautology to have the Annual Meeting of Council separated into years when there would be an election and those when there was not as this Council met as a matter of course on the third Thursday of the month which was within 14 days of an election.  Standing Order 2a) should read:  The annual meeting of the Council shall be held on the third Thursday of May each year.  Standing Order 2 c) should then be renumbered 2 b) and the time should be 7.30 pm as this is the normal time of all meetings of the Council.
b) Standing Order 4 b) 1.  the normal notice of meetings of this Council is 7 days.  This SO should be amended to reflect this.
c) Standing Order 8 b) – this paragraph refers to Order 8(a) below – as this is 8(b), 8(a) cannot be below.

Agreed that this be discussed at the next meeting of this Committee.

F.460 2011/2012 Budgets:

The Chairman briefed members that he was presenting two 1st draft budgets, one including a sum of money to cover the costs of the swimming pool for the year and one which did not include the swimming pool expenditure above the £10,000 expected to be this Council’s contribution to Tendring District Council’s costs.

Proposed by the Chairman, seconded by Cllr Goggin that there be a 0% increase in staff budget.  Carried 6 votes to 1.
Agreed no increase in the Precept for 2011-2012, it remaining at the 2010-2011 level.
Agreed standing annual grants remain at 2010-2011 levels.  Also agreed that grants be revisited quarterly in the 2011-2012 municipal year.
Agreed capital projects appear in 2011-2012 estimates at £40,000 with no details for the present.
Agreed to use the draft estimates which includes full swimming pool costs.
Agreed to find £9,000 reduction in expenditure and £9,000 from MSR budgets.

Recommendation:  The 2nd draft budgets be prepared for the next meeting of this Committee.

F.461 Date of Next Meetings:

Date of next meetings – As so much progress had been made on the estimates and some members of the Committee were unable to be present on 4th November, it was agreed that the next meeting be on Thursday 11th November at 8pm and the following one on Monday 22nd November at 7.30 pm.

F.462 Close of Meeting: 

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.35 pm.

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