Minutes of the Council Meeting held at

The Parish Hall, Victoria Place, Brightlingsea on:

Thursday 19th January 2017 7.30 p.m.




K Yallop (Mayor)

I Block (Deputy Mayor)

M Barry, J Chapman, V Chapman, D Dixon,

D Ingate, M Judson, J Russell, B Smith and G Steady


In attendance:
County Councillor Alan GogginTracey Pulford –Town Clerk

11 Members of the Public


  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Councillor Howard.




The Minutes were accepted as a true record.




Copy of the Mayor’s Announcements is annexed to the Minutes.




None received.




The Mayor reminded Members to declare interests when necessary.




County Councillor Goggin congratulated the whole council on the way the possible flooding was dealt with. He then spoke about the following:-


  • The bollards in Brightlingsea Road have been replaced.
  • On January 5th attended the Highways Panel Meeting. Councillors Dixon and Howard also attended. They have established there is a need for a zebra crossing near to the Colne School and is on the list to be looked at.
  • £15,000 has been allocated towards the Richard Avenue project.
  • At this Highways Panel Meeting, the Rangers were asked to clean the bollards in Brightlingsea Road. These rangers are part funded by Essex County Council. Councillor Nick Turner arranged for this to be carried out.
  • On 12th January attended a meeting on the Peoples Families Committee, where several councils shown an interest on long term care with adults and children. Previously circulated two safeguarding reports, one on children the other on adults. Statics show that 1,000 children a month, according to the police, are involved or affected by domestic abuse. In Essex 1 in 5 of the population is currently over 65, in Tendring it is 25.7% (one in four) and getting better.
  • Held a County Councillor Clinic on 17th January
  • Held a meeting with Adrian Summons of Essex County Council. Councillor Dixon raised a question about a missing bus stop in Spring Chase, which has been looked at. Also the possibility of a bus shelter in the High Street was looked at. It is possible to have a shelter at this stop.
  • At the last meeting I promised that I would try to get someone down from the traffic team. I have asked but they would like to wait until the budgets are given out. The budgets will be announced at Essex County Council tomorrow by cabinet, but they still need to be approved.
  • No movement on the flooding on Church Hill. It is still highways intention that it is a private leak.
  • Councillor Dixon, Judson and I have been working on the bus service. It has been a quite month with no phone calls or complaints received.
  • Tonight caught the end of an announcement from Roger Hurst, Police and Crime Commissioner, talking about extra policeman and constables.
  • On January 20th Essex County Councils Contract Management Team are meeting with Hedingham.
  • Budgets – Essex County Council’s revenue budget is 1.822 billion, including schools. If you take out schools and you look at the flow, the net budget is 911 million, the problem is the rates which provide about 500 million of that.


Councillor Judson asked where the possible bus shelter is to be sited in the High Street. Councillor Goggin replied at the current stop, where the stop and cage (area of the bus stop) is outside the Brewers. Councillor Ingate declared an interest in this item.


Councillor Judson then mentioned the flooding on Church Hill, which he believes is being caused by the land owner, who should be made to sort the problem it out. He said that something has got to be done about it. County Councillor Goggin replied that there is no proof that the water is coming off the property of Brightlingsea Hall. The tests have come back and it is not coming from a spring.


Councillor J Chapman mentioned that the Council have been asked if it is possible to have a bus shelter on Hurst Green. She also mentioned the water on Church Hill, and that the owner has had a survey carried out, which says it is a spring and it is on the edge of the road. County Councillor Goggin mentioned the bus shelter, and the route for this is the Tendring Local Highways Panel and suggested that the Council puts a request in.


Councillor V Chapman mentioned the street light in Richard Avenue, just as you turn in on the right hand side, which has been out for a long time. The Mayor asked if this is something that the office could report. The Clerk replied yes it would be looked into tomorrow. County Councillor Goggin mentioned a comment that he had seen on ‘spotted’ that it would be good to keep the street lights on when the possible flood alerts were in place. He said that he had sent a note into Highways asking what it takes to do this, and as yet has not had a response. He has looked at the map showing the lighting on the Western Promenade, and all of the lighting is on all night, apart from the last three near to the cafe. The Mayor replied that the whole lot should be on all night on. Councillor V Chapman mentioned that at the TDALC meeting last night, LED lights were mentioned and how bright they are in that one section only, they beam straight down. One council was angry that they had cost £6m when the lights have only just been replaced or are in the process of being replaced. The light spreads out and then it is extremely dark. Councillor Russell reported that there is an experiment at Harwich at the moment and it cost £8m to replace all the lamp standards. There is a lot of ill feeling in Harwich, which was reported at the TDALC meeting. Councillor V Chapman then mentioned a parking bay/unloading bay for the Model Boat Club, and asked if she could give County Councillor Goggin’s details to the gentleman who was enquiring. It was agreed that they should contact the Town Clerk in the first instance.


Councillor Steady thanked County Councillor Goggin for his reply on Social Care. He mentioned that he has just moved house and on the Council Tax Bill it shows how much goes to Social Care. He stated that on a Band C property £19.36 goes towards social care.


Councillor Smith mentioned the flooding on Church Hill. He stated that Essex County Council, under the Highways Act, has a duty to maintain the highway, and as far as he can see they have chosen not to do so in this particular case. There are no warning signs, no drainage work has taken place, they have not taken any legal action against the owner, so basically they have chosen not to do anything at all about it. He stated that he was concerned about the recent icy conditions and that it could put a sheet of ice over the area in its entirety. He said that he believes that if there was a serious accident on the hill, Essex County Council would find themselves in a very difficult situation regarding liability. He asked if these comments could be fed back to County Councillor Goggin’s colleagues at County Hall. County Councillor Goggin replied that he had previously circulated the report back in November. He said that there is a dispute with Affinity Water, who had visited the site on 3rd and 6th October – who stated that there were no utility defects in their network. He said that Essex County Council were aware of the facts and he will take these comments back to David Ward.


Councillor Dixon mentioned the bus shelter outside the Brewers. Adrian Summons said that a shelter could be installed where the raised kerb is, which is the proper place. The other issue is the shelter on Hurst Green. If the Town Council is happy to agree to this an application can be forwarded apply to the Local Highways Panel for a bus shelter at either place or both. County Councillor Goggin stated that the form should also be endorsed by Tendring Councillors and the Essex County Councillor.


Councillor Barry made an observation on the road works in New Street. He stated that in this time of austerity and budget cuts, this week they have dug up the other half of New Street and filled it in again. He stated that they are going to dig it up again to resurface it, which he felt was a total waste of money and asked if these comments could be fed back to the relevant department. County Councillor Goggin replied that the holes they are finding are not the holes you can see from the top, but holes and culverts underneath. The whole road is a problem with underground culverts. Councillor Ingate stated that they have carried out a radar survey on the road, where it showed the culverts. He stated that the problem is the drainage from the road, which is washing the road away underneath. County Councillor Goggin said he would take these comments back.


Councillor Steady mentioned that he has been contacted by some local residents about Eastern Waste Disposal having 24 hour working. He asked County Councillor Goggin if this was correct or whether he could find out. County Councillor Goggin replied that the working hours of EWD are a Tendring District Council issue. The Mayor replied that as a Tendring Councillor she would get this looked into.


The Mayor then asked if any members of the public had any questions for County Councillor Goggin.


Q1) Richard price – Following the serious incident at Tesco’s in Clacton, and another at Halstead, we are very vulnerable and the police patrols do not stand up to guns. What is the future plan for the extra police and constables, if any? A1) The Mayor replied that at a recent meeting at Tendring District Council, she did give the Police and Crime Commissioner a good “grilling”, however as far as she was aware it was just Specials. County Councillor Goggin replied that he only heard the end of the programme on BBC Essex, and it mentioned 50 extra police and a couple of hundred specials.


County Councillor Goggin left the meeting at 8.06pm to attend the Council meeting at St Osyth.




The Payments and Accounts for the period ending December 2016 (as shown on the attached appendix) were proposed by Councillor Block as follows:


General Account Cheque No’s 706607 – 706629 in the sum of £6,351.55 for payment.


Bank Balances – All Accounts – in the sum of £196,204.36

Employee payments paid for the month of December were £10,869.47


Seconded by Councillor Smith. Agreed.


The following questions were asked on the accounts: Councillor Barry – cheque number 706616 for Frank Halls & Sons – which sluice gates was the work carried out on? Councillor Block replied the gates by the boating lake. Councillor V Chapman – cheque number 706618 for the hire of St James for the Winter Warmer Event – did this money come out of Councillor J Chapman’s CCC budget? Councillor J Chapman replied yes.




The Chairman of the Finance Committee gave thanks to Councillor Block as Vice Chairman, who has kept the precept at a low level for many years. He thanked members of the finance committee, and non members of the committee, for their input at meetings, and the staff for the preparation of the budget for the coming year. He then proposed the recommendations in the Minutes of the meeting held on 12th January 2017 as follows:-


  • F060 – The budget is amended to increase Legal Fees and Consultancy to £15,000. This gives an increase of 4.2%, with a proposed precept of £56.59 for a Band D Property, with a precept request of £155,239 and LCTS Grant Scheme at £14,349. Seconded by Councillor Block.
  • Councillor Ingate to liaise with ITUS and obtain figures and names of businesses who

are prepared to enter into the scheme.

  • F061 – Councillors Barry, V Chapman and Howard consult with the Rugby Club to ascertain whether they would agree to make a contribution towards the upkeep of the area.
  • Regular consultation meetings are held between the Community Centre and the Town Council.
  • Councillors Ingate and Smith liaise with the Harbour Commissioners regarding the terms of the agreement.
  • F062 – The remainder of the grants budget is awarded to the Community Centre, to go towards new floorcovering for meeting rooms 1 and 2.
  • F063 – The Churchyard sub-committee speak to the PCC regarding the grant for upkeep of the churchyard.
  • The grant for the ferry will be discussed at the meeting held between Councillors Ingate and Smith and the Harbour Commissioners.


The Minutes then were accepted as a true record, and were unanimously agreed.




These questions are annexed to the Minutes.




Councillor Dixon proposed that the recommendations in the Minutes of 5th January 2017 be agreed by Council, together with the planning decisions from Tendring District Council. Seconded by Councillor Ingate. Agreed.




Councillor J Chapman – The loop system has been looked at and due to the age of the current system, it will need replacing. Two quotations are being given. Have received some vouchers for those Councillors and Staff who wear hearing aids.


Councillor Block briefed members on the meeting held with Tendring District Council about the open air pool. TDC do not want to close the pool if it can be avoided. After discussion Councillor Block proposed the following:-


1) BTC agrees to make a contribution of 50% of any operating loss for the 2017 season, up to a maximum of £30,000.


2) In order to minimise losses and maximise revenues it is recommended that the official opening period of the pool is truncated and limited to eight weeks from the 15th July to the 9th September. This will allow the pool to be prepared and ready for the six week school holidays.


3) BTC will commit to developing a business plan and exploring options in respect of site improvements, grant aid funding, the use of renewable energy technology and community/trust involvement in the future management of the facility.


4) BTC will commit to providing a full report on all of its findings and proposals to TDC at a meeting to be held on 21st September (provisional date) at the Brightlingsea Parish Hall.


Seconded by Councillor J Chapman. Agreed.


Councillor V Chapman – (1) On Tuesday night there was a small fire at the skate park. (2) The shelter by the play equipment will need to be replaced soon. Sovereign will be providing a quotation for the replacement. (3) Old timber has been left by beach hut 329. The Grounds Manager has put the wood in side the hut for the owner to replace the following day. (4) Mike Carran has apologised for not submitting the plan for Brightlingsea. Councillor J Chapman stated that the recent meeting held with Officers of Tendring District Council, they stated that there is no plan for Brightlingsea. They have weekly brain storming sessions, and if an idea comes up, they will discuss it. The only thing they would confirm was that the toilets are to be refurbished. A discussion took place. Councillor Judson asked whose responsibly the seafront shelter by the swimming pool was, as it is in a poor state. The Mayor replied that the shelter belongs to Tendring District Council.


Councillor Steady – Received a letter from Roy Read of Natural England regarding the Coastal Footpath, who has highlighted a piece of Registered Common Land at the end of Freelands. He has been advised that, as remedial works are to take place to see if it fits in with their plans, they have to speak to the relevant local authorities of their intentions to undertake the work. This was noted.


Have received a letter regarding the toilets on the Allotments. Apparently the Company Director has been found guilty of child images, and the resident has queried whether or not the council should be supporting this company. They have given other details of other companies who supply portaloo toilets. A discussion took place and it was agreed that (1) the Council would look to see if they were getting the best price for the toilets, (2) As far as what the gentleman did, is nothing to do with the company itself.


Councillor Dixon – Does the Town Council want to apply for a bus shelter outside the Brewers in Victoria Place, and also on Hurst Green. It is neater if the applications are submitted together. It was agreed to make the an agenda item for the next meeting.




Councillor Russell – The TDALC meetings are not restricted to only the representatives of town councils, anyone can attend. If anyone would like to attend the meeting with the PCC, please do. Councillor V Chapman mentioned that one item discussed at the last meeting was that approval for planning applications are being given as there is no Local Plan at the moment.




There was nothing further to add.




2.1 Agreed that the Jog Walk Run could use the Millennium Gardens as a finish line and post race assembly area on Sunday 10th September 2017.

Councillor Barry declared an interest in the following item:

2.2 Brightlingsea Food & Drink Festival 2017 – Agreed that in principle it is a good idea, however members would like to arrange a meeting with the organisers to discuss the event further.

2.3 Agreed that Porridge and Pens can hold a Summer Fete on Hurst Green on Saturday 16th September 2017, from 12 noon until 6pm. Usual terms and conditions would apply. It was also agreed that, without prejudice, there would be no cost for the hire of the Green.

2.4 Before any decision can be made about Bert Stocks Fun Fair visiting the Western Promenade from 24th July until 31st July 2017, Councillor V Chapman will discuss with the Grounds Manager re: impending works taking place. Members did agree that unfortunately the cost could not be held over again.

2.5 Agreed that Councillors Smith and Ingate would liaise with the Harbour Commissioners over the proposed works to the jetty, to obtain more details etc.


  • Property Update




Councillor Steady reiterated that the spread sheet for all the assets is being updated, together with one folder containing all the information, i.e. Land Registry Documents, leases etc. He thanked the staff for their efforts in producing this file.


Brightlingsea Leisure Village – Councillor Steady read out the notes of the meeting held on 13th January with Mr Hammerton.   He mentioned the rent review, and that it was agreed at the November Council meeting that Fox Leisure would be appointed to carry out the review.


Councillor Smith declared an interest in the following item

Boat Park – Councillor Smith briefed members that he had been contacted by the Colne Yacht Club who had shown an interest in managing the boat park for the Town Council. A discussion took place and it was agreed that Councillors Smith and Ingate would enter into discussions with the Harbour Commissioners about their agreement, including the boat park.


The Mayor reminded members that anything discussed under Part B, comes under the Code of Conduct, as adopted by the Town Council.


Lakeside Caravan Park – Councillor V Chapman mentioned that Chris Poll has intimated that he is going to relinquish his lease, and new owner would like to take over from this coming season.


Councillor Barry reminded members that the Safeguarding training is taking place on Thursday 9th February from 9.30am until 1pm.




There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.19 p.m.





Chair ……………………


Date 16th February 2017

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