It has been a frustrating last two years and I feel that Tendring District Council is failing in the way it is running the pool, with very little consideration from the people and Brightlingsea Town Council. I find it very frustrating that things cannot be carried out in a more straight forward manor and the work that is being carried out now seems to be very expensive, and from my experience could be done a lot cheaper and the money saved could be used to improve other areas of the pool. I am working with my hands tied behind my back, I think it is the appropriate time to just let Tendring District Council get on with it as I think my position is untenable.

The £24,000 that Tendring District Council has spent on the Brightlingsea pool seems to be a drop in the ocean for what is being spent on other pools in the Tendring District. I am wondering how many other Town and Parish Councils contribute money towards the upkeep of their pools apart from Brightlingsea.

I hope the pool does very well in the coming seasons but Brightlingsea Town Council has got to be on their guard for any signs of Tendring failing to live up to their commitments in the future