Work on the Sailing Club, in the aftermath of the tidal surge, is progressing well.  A large amount of seaweed and marsh debris was brought ashore with the tidal surge, and we are liaising with TDC and the club to arrange its removal. The Commodore congratulated everyone for the way the Promenade was being sorted out after the surge.

We are all well aware of the saga of the toilets and the power.  Andy Nepean is still waiting for a definitive answer despite much ‘ping ponging’ of e-mails from the different agencies.

The attendance at the toilets over the weekend appeared to work well, although the attendant I saw was at the back of the building and not on duty at the front.

The Dogathon on Sunday morning was a success, with 43 dogs booked in prior to the event.

Terry will be meeting with an inspector from the Play Inspection Company on Wednesday 19th March, to assess the equipment in Pawsons Playground.  Despite the playground being locked, and advisory notices being displayed, members of the public (young and old) are climbing over the fence and using the equipment – this could put themselves at risk.

I am still waiting for Tendring District Council to advise me when they will becoming to open the sluices.

Work to the beach huts around the tarmac car park is now complete, and work to the huts around the boating lake should commence soon.


After all the fiasco with the toilets, they were OPEN yesterday.  While I was there, I saw UKPN working on the last three lamp posts.  They had all been damaged by the flood water, but they were going to stay there yesterday until the last three were done.  He told me there had been a problem with the two by the Swimming Pool – that internal power had been restored but something couldn’t be connected.  They were sending a report to the council – presumably T.D.C. regarding this.  I mentioned the problems with the power in the toilets and he said it could have been re-connected a week after the storm and when I mentioned the 110 amps v the 200 amps, he said it was nonsense – but I wasn’t sure which bit was!

Terry advised me that two dog-waste bins needed replacing.  I contacted Jonathan Hamlet the same day (Tuesday, 18th March), and they were installed yesterday – one near the Swimming Pool and one nearer the Sailing Club.

Steve Gove rang me yesterday and we arranged that Terry and I will be meet with him in a couple of weeks to look at the sluice gates.

He has asked Veolia to sweep the car park now that the work on that section has been completed.

He has also arranged for the beach area around the paddling pool to be swept and the seaweed removed – either today or tomorrow.

I had received a query about the build-up of seaweed on the beach in front of the Sailing Club, but T.D.C. do not remove this as usually it’s carried out to sea again by the tide.  If B.T.C. did it, we would have to pay for E.W.D. to take it.  I did put the gentleman who asked, in touch with someone from the Allotment Association, but it’s doubtful they will be able to make use of it, as it has marsh debris in it.  Lisa gave me the Allotments person’s details and was told that only seaweed brought up on to the shore can be taken away, as it’s against the rules to remove any from the sea.

The cranes have been moved to the grass car park area.  Steve Gove had hoped that work in Brightlingsea would be finished by tomorrow, but it will continue into next week.  This is good from our point of view as we have written to our Beach Hut owners, explaining the costs involved with moving their huts and requested a response by tomorrow.

A resident told me that the large puddle at the back of those beach huts, had been filled in with road shavings by T.D.C., and that shingle was going to be put on top.  He also mentioned that the sewers might be looked at.  Andy Nepean confirmed that the hole had been dealt with but was unaware about anything to do with sewers – but this was just a chat between a resident and a worker on the site.  I asked Steve Gove about the hole and he said it seemed a good idea to use the material they had, i.e. the road shavings to improve this area.  When I had a look, the shingle was waiting to be added.

I rang June Clare to ask if anything could be done about the pool liner, and she said it was in cost pressures, but was declined – again.  I wonder if our T.D.C. Councillors could further this please.  The liner is well beyond it’s ‘sell by’ date and it’s a top attraction on the Prom., and something on which our Blue Flag status is partly reliant.

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