During the half-term holiday, the fire brigade was called to Pawson’s Playground as a child had got it’s head stuck in the wooden framework of the swings.  I happened to be there, when the fire brigade arrived and immediately called Terry and Gordon the Warden.  I met Terry on site and the swings were fenced off by the staff.  The Safety Officer from The Play Inspection Company  was contacted by Terry.  He visited the site and we are awaiting his report.  Tracey contacted our Insurers and we are awaiting reply from them also. The area will remain fenced off until a decision can be made about the swings.

On the same day, Gordon the Warden had to free a Nun who was locked in one of  the Ladies’ loos.

We have received a query about the footpath around the Boating Lake and are looking into this.

We have also received a query about a tap and a soakaway filling up and not draining away.  TDC have been made aware of this and are investigating.  We have also been asked about steps and handrails and have sought the advice and thoughts of TDC.  I will be having an on-site meeting with Ian Taylor within the next few days.