Summary of issues

These are a range of issues identified by, or reported to, Andy Blanche who, in turn, has sought the advice of David Dixon.

  1. Summer parking restrictions at the Waterside
  2. Signs on hoardings at Fieldgate Dock threatening clamping and fines
  3. One way system to relieve opposing traffic holdups in the New Street, Sydney Street, Tower Street area
  4. A recent resolution passed at the March 2015 council meeting re yellow lines at corners around Silcott Street/Nelson Street
  5. High Street parking restriction timings
  6. Proposed barriers outside school


We visited the Waterside, Brightlingsea and surrounding area to examine the issues first hand and these were our findings.


  1. Summer parking restrictions at the Waterside


Presently the following restrictions apply at the Waterside/Hard area. There are a number of bays which, during the summer months, only allow 30 mins parking. We feel that for visitors to the area wanting to, for example, go crabbing/take lunch/go walking, this is insufficient time. This is borne out by discussions with local businesses such as A&J newsagents, 1 Harbour Square and The Yachtsman Public House. Andy has spoken to all of the proprietors.


Furthermore, the yellow lines along the southern side of the Waterside only come into force during the summer months. This seems counter intuitive as it is the summer when we need more parking. Being a seaside resort, Brightlingsea’s businesses depend on summer trade and these restrictions, along with the 30 min maximum parking in marked bays, militate against local traders.


It was noticed during the site visit that the shelter adjacent to The Hard has no dropped kerbs for wheelchair users and that, at present, parking is allowed around the shelter during the winter months. This means that people seated at the shelter will only see the side of a car!


Recommendations: Change 30 min limit on parking in marked bays to 2 hours and remove yellow line. Also provide dropped kerbs at shelter and install double yellow lines.


  1. Signs on hoardings at Fieldgate Dock threatening clamping and fines


It is believed that the owner of the Marina development is the Bank of Israel and that their managing agents are EWS. EWS have posted signs on the hoardings bounding their site imposing parking restrictions on what appears to be a public road.


Recommendation: Approach EWS to establish on what basis they believe they have the right to do this.


  1. Opposing traffic holdups, excessive speed and damage to vehicles in the New Street, Sydney Street, Tower Street area


This should include the cross connecting streets such as Francis St, Wellington St, James St etc. to ease access and egress for residents. These streets are all very narrow with end to end parking. This creates constant difficulties with opposing traffic meeting and having difficulty passing. There are many children, elderly people and pets in the area and the difficulty for opposing cars passing each other can lead to mild ‘road rage’ with people accelerating hard in the streets after being held up. Many residents have reported damage to their parked cars as a result of the conditions prevailing. Andy Blanche checked this with his insurance company who reported that there are a large number of claims in the area.


Recommendations: Traffic calming to be employed by means of a 20mph limit and one way system.


  1. A recent resolution passed at the March 2015 council meeting re yellow lines at corners around Silcott Street/Nelson Street


This applies to a particular junction but we have reservations about it. In ordinary circumstances common sense and the Highway Code suggest that parking should never be done close to junctions so as to aid visibility. However, at this junction and in the surrounding streets, south of the High St, such as those referred to in 3 above, parking is already insufficient. In these circumstances we estimate that more than 150 parking spaces would be lost if normal restrictions with yellow lines at corners were to be implemented.


Recommendations: Reverse the earlier resolution passed in March. To mitigate the risk of poor visibility at junctions implement the recommendations at 3 above and provide mirror posts at high risk junctions.


  1. ‘High Street’ parking restriction timings


To be discussed by all councillors to review current regulations relating to Victoria Place, from New street to Station road, Ladysmith Avenue and Queen Street.


  1. Proposed barriers outside school


This is in hand with County Councillor Goggin and we are supportive of it.