Amenity Areas

  • I have had a series of meetings with former MSR Councillor Steady and Grounds Manager Terry Hamilton. I have also had discussions with representatives from the main sports club users from the Cricket Club, Cinque Port FC and Brightlingsea Regent FC. Current issues are as follows:
  • The application for storage facilities to replace current cricket and football storage on Bayard Recreation Ground has reached Stage 2 with TDC Big Society Fund, and a further update should be forthcoming in early July. I am taking the lead on this application.
  • The pavilion/changing room extension is still at the planning stage, with funds allocated. There are a number of issues still to address. I have referred the matter for some budget costings and will be seeking to progress this matter in due course.
  • The use and development of Lower Park Recreation Ground is subject to discussion and information gathering with the Grounds manager.