I have had meetings with the pre-school playgroup committee and received representations from the sports club users of the recreation ground regarding the issue of leases. All users have been seeking long term leases for some time, with correspondence on the issue going back several years. I have contacted the council solicitor and provided him with information to enable some draft documents to be prepared.


The application for a grant for storage facilities to replace current cricket and football storage on Bayard Recreation Ground will be considered by TDC Big Society committee on the 16th July. If the grant is forthcoming it is proposed that the amenity areas MSR budget is used to top up funding so that the project can be delivered in a timely fashion. It is anticipated that costs will be recovered from the user groups through a long term agreement/repayment plan or through some form of rental payment. The provision of storage facilities for the clubs is the starting point for the overall strategy for recreation ground improvement.