Following last months report confirming that the Mayor and I have attended meetings with the Harbour master and a local businessman about difficulties with the harbour and hard dues – legal advice has been sought. The opinion of Counsel is that the current arrangements are legal.   The Harbour Commissioners position is very clear. I have asked the HC to share the report and as such we may NOT NEED the amount mentioned in my last report. However I feel it is sensible to put aside a sum. The HC legal opinion related to THER position (not ours) but I believe the cost of over £700 of public money was used.

I am aware of several rumours about a bid and change of use for parts of the Waterside development. I have sought continued clarification from Tendring planning but am advised that nothing official has changed yet. Apparently there have been some informal discussions with interested parties but these may be commercially sensitive. I personally know no more than last month.