I received an invitation to attend Well House on Christmas Day and although I declined to have lunch with them it was lovely to see so many local residents who are now living there and their relatives.

The week before Christmas we delivered 33 food hampers to local elderly residents and families and two fruit baskets to local residents that had just come out of hospital.

Along with Major Sue Myhill and the council, we will be visiting and donating Easter eggs to local residential homes and families at Easter.  All ready donations of chocolate have been received along with pledges of Easter eggs.

TDC Housing manager Tony Rogers will no longer be holding clinics at Brightlingsea each month due to lack of appointments, but we can still contact him directly and he will come down if needed.

On January 22nd Trading Standards, the Police and the Fire Brigade will be attending Springfields to discuss ‘cold calling’ and PAT test small appliances for residents.