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“Hello dog lovers of Brightlingsea!

My name is Georgie (Georgie’s Paw Pad) and some of you may already know me as the crazy dog lady who is often running around the fields with multiple dogs or walking dogs round the streets of the town.


I have been given the amazing opportunity of writing for the council website once a month to provide tips, facts and advice to the community.


I’ll use my first article to tell you a bit about myself.


I have always been in love with dogs; working and studying them my whole life. I got my first Saturday job at 10 years old working in a groomers. I left school and went into College to obtain my diploma in animal care and a few years later I worked at the RSPCA in Wethersfield. I have also run a kennels where I lived on site and now run my own dog care business.


I recently attended the wolf and dog behaviour course which was taught to me by Shaun (‘the wolf man’) Ellis which has opened my eyes and given me more knowledge than I could have ever imagined.


Mainly I learned how unfortunately a lot of the old school approach towards dog training and owning can sometimes damage our dogs and stop them from being stable and happy.


Dogs require nurture and love as well as boundaries of course but not to be confused with obsessing over us being the top dog or boss in the household but allowing the dog to be it’s true self and for us to be the character it requires us to be.


Since I haven’t yet obtained my instructors course in this field I am unable to go into too much detail so I will keep these articles light and informative without going in too heavy when it comes to dog training.


I suppose the best tip I can give is that if it feels wrong, then it most probably is.


Anger and stress should never come into training and if it is then a different tactic should be used.


Calmness is always key.


If you’re having issues with your dog then try not to get frustrated as you won’t see changes overnight. Take your time and take baby steps towards any desired goal for your beloved dog.

The most important thing is that you first help your dog to learn that it can trust you and never needs to be afraid of you.


I offer 1:1 training sessions but I would say that they are more about providing information to the owner on how to enrich your dogs life, help them overcome anxieties or previous traumas they may have gone through and how to encourage a happy and healthy relationship that you both benefit from.


I hope you all check in next month and in the meantime, stay safe!”

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